A Mobile Website Is Becoming Essential & Not A Luxury

Having a mobile website is now absolutely essential if you are running a business and the statistics back this up. With nearly 50% of all online searches emanating from smartphones and tablets, having a mobile rendered website could be the difference between sinking or swimming for your business.

Mobile Users Have No Patience With Non Mobile Rendered Websites

Allied to this is the statistic that 46% of mobile users say they will not go back to a website that is not mobile friendly again. This can mean a significant loss of potential customers for any business. If a person who is using a smartphone goes to a website and either finds it hard to read the website details as the text is too small to read properly or it scans too far across the screen for a mobile phone, or they find the website difficult to navigate around, then they will decide not to use the site again in all probability and go to a competitors site instead.

Mobile Commerce Is The Hot New Trend

Mobile Commerce, or M-Commerce as it is often called, is the new trend that is going to revolutionise the way we all shop over the next few years. More and more people are now feeling confident and secure enough to buy online through their mobile phones, and once they start to do this they see how easy and useful this type of shopping can be.

QR Codes Come To The Fore

People are beginning to get the hang of how QR Codes work and how you can check out sites and products through QR Codes and purchase items, and these are going to play a big role in Mobile Commerce in the near future. It is up to all businesses to embrace the new technological culture and ensure that their websites are mobile friendly and they have an Ecommerce platform if they are selling products.

JD Solutions Can Help You

The good news is that we have all the solutions for you here at JD Solutions. For mobile website design just email us here or give me a ring on 07934 604 217 and we will look forward to helping you with all your online needs.

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