An SEO Expert Gives Advice On The Latest SEO Techniques

Hello and welcome to our blog here at JD Solutions. We thought today we would look at what any SEO expert worth his salt should be concentrating on for his clients. As we all know the business of search engine optimisation is a very fluid and fast running beast that needs paying close attention to if you are going to use it to its maximum potential. Here are a few snippets of advice to ensure you get a rocking online profile.

King Content

Whilst some things change others stay the same and content is one area that is still of huge importance optimising your website. Here we are talking about fresh, relevant, interesting and unique content, if you tick all these 4 boxes then you are on to a winner! Keep your blog followers intrigued and entertained by your writing.

On Page Optimisation

The setting up of your website is a key element but before you put finger to keyboard on your website you or your SEO expert should find a good quantity of long tail keyword terms that have good amounts of searches and are not too competitive to rank for (you can use your Adwords account to do this and there are other tools you can find online). Then use these keywords in your titles, image tags and content.

Schema Mark Up

Structured Data


One relatively new but very important part of your site should be that you have Schema Mark Up on the site. This structured data will give you great kudos with Google as they will be able to easily find out what your site is about and where to place it for both local and general terms.

Where Is Your Sitemap?!

I hope that you have a Sitemap set up on your website. Sitemaps are again a good way of letting Google rummage through your site and place it in their search terms. Not only do you need to set up a Sitemap but you need to go over to Google Webmaster Tools and tell them you have set it up!

The Giant Hand Of Social Media

Social media is a still growing monster. Which means if you aren`t engaging with people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc etc you are missing a trick. As well as social media on its own being a great way of getting new clients and eyes on your business the fact that you are active on these channels and have links to your accounts on your website also gives you a big mark up from Google and its search engine rivals. The busier and more active your social media channels the better your website ranking could be.

Using Video To Educate & Entertain

Peoples attention span seems to be getting shorter by the day which is why you should use short videos on your website to get your message across. Using video, whether it be an animated video, a whiteboard video or any other type, can be a great way of grabbing web visitors attention.

I hope these few pieces of advice gives you food for thought. If you want help on marketing your business online please give us a call on 07934 604 217.


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