Meta Tags ARE Important In Ranking Your Website

A lot of discussion has been going on about the use or otherwise of meta tags in the back office of your website. There is a school of thought that they are of little consequence and another school of thought that they are as important as the content on your Pages. 

Well in my experience of working on many websites I can absolutely ensure you that meta tags are a very important part of Search Engine Organisation. I have seen a change in a websites rankings within 2 days of changing the meta tags on a website and optimising them correctly. Of course this is not always the case but it is very rare that the rankings of a website do not improve within a week or two if you optimise the meta tags.

By optimising the meta tags I mean that they must reflect your business requirements and use some of your major keyword terms in the Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. The meta title and meta description must not just be a bundle of keywords strung together that does not make any grammatical sense though, they need to flow and be able to be read so that people can understand. 

I believe that the meta title and the meta description are particularly key to the optimisation process with the meta keywords maybe not so important in the search engines eyes. With this in mind you should ensure that the meta title and meta description use your most important keywords or keyword phrases. You need to check what sort of keyword terms people search for in relation to your business and then use these in your tags. 

Changing the meta tags in your website and improving their SEO is one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving your Google rankings at a stroke.

If this is something that you need help with you can of course contact JD Solutions to quickly sort out the meta tags for you. 

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