Non Geeky SEO Tip: Create Your Google Business Listing

Here is a quick non geeky SEO tip for your delectation, and this one is a very cool one for all you local businesses out there.

First up, ever heard of a Google Business Listing? Sometimes known as a Google+ Page?

This is mucho easy to create and very useful for your local keyword rankings.

Heres how to create one if you don`t already have one:

Go to Google search and find “Google My Business” and click on this. Sign in with the email address you want to use for this purpose, or create a new Gmail account if you wish, and then in the search box to the left put in your business name and address and claim your business. Google usually gives you a ring and sends you a verification code so you can verify you are said person and business.

You got your Google Business Listing!!! OK its late, I`m tired and I need to take the dogs out but tomorrow I will give you details on how to edit the info on your listing. I know I am too kind!

Adios amigos.

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