Non Geeky SEO Tip: Lovingly Nurture Your Website

Here is non geeky SEO tip numero 2

Many people throw up a website, get it nicely optimised and all the rest, and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in, and after a month or two they are aghast when they discover they have not made a single bean. They then throw up their arms in a mad fit of pique, stamp hard on the floor, and either never venture to try making money online again or move onto the next failed project.

Of course all you people I am sure know better and can see the error of his or her ways—–or failing that read on and I will tell you!!!

As the title says you need to lovingly nurture your website, a bit like an exotic plant or a particularly high maintenance partner, tend to its every needs and it will bear fruit (or a wan smile in the case of the high maintenance partner). And you can do this by adding content.

OMG not content I hear you scream? Yeah content. Content that is relevant to your particular niche, that is unique and so has not been copied from another site, and that is interesting and helpful to your visitors.

Add content each day, or each week at the very least, and you will be rewarded.

Ciao for now amigos.


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