Non Geeky SEO Tip: Optimising Your Google Business Page

Once you have your Google Business Page, or Google+ Page whichever you wish to call it, you need to then make sure it is optimised. If you do this then you can expect to get good rankings for your local keyword terms.

This is dead simple. Click on edit information and first you can add a profile picture along with a few more photos related to your business. I would add a minimum of 5 photos and make your profile pic a good one, maybe your logo or shop front.

Then make sure you got the exact right business name and address on the Page and in Contact details you want to have your telephone number, website link and email address.

Business Opening Hours: Update this to your correct hours.

In the Introduction section you need to write a paragraph or two about your business, so in this I pack lots of keywords related to my business, all the main services, locations I work in and a clickable link to my website.

And of course you need to have your Page verified by head honcho, big boss and big cheese Google!!

Make sure all the sections are filled and you have it 100% completed.

What can really help with your rankings is to get some testimonials on your Google+ Page, just ask a few of your clients to check out your Page and write a short testimonial. A little tip, don`t ask people who can`t stand you as this may just backfire!

More on Google+ in the next non geeky SEO tip coming to a blog near you soon!!

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