Non Geeky SEO & Website Tips Of The Day

So here we go with a brand new theme that is going to be our `Non Geeky SEO & Website Tip Of The Day`. Catchy huh?!! Now there is a few things you need to note about this.

Firstly you are probably thinking that SEO is as dry as sandpaper/Saudi Arabia and most times you are probably right, but my aim is to make it a lot of fun and dare I say it a little bit frisky and sexy!!! Mmmm could be tricky but we aim to please.

Also, although I do say `Tip Of The Day` this does not mean there will be a non geeky tip each and every single day, I do have a life to live mon braves, but if possible I will provide you with a nugget of info at some point during the day.

And another thing, what is geeky to one person is seen as pretty non geeky to another (usually a geek funnily enough), so there may be times when you think I am stating the bleeding obvious, and there may be other times when you are thinking what the hell is he on about but just bear with me please.

In these Tips of the Day there are going to be tips on Search Engine Optimisation, there are going to be tips on designing/creating websites, there are going to be tips on website promotions, Social Media campaigns, your overall online profile and much, much more. We are going to be a very broad church.

So with all this in mind here is my first `Non Geeky SEO Tip Of The Day`:

If you want to attract visitors to your website and engage with them when they get there then be entertaining!! If you don`t do this you will lose people no matter what niche you are in, whether it be Magic Tricks, Accountancy or Fish Tickling you need to give them good information and entertain them. So think hard about how you are going to do this and provide them with good content in a bright inventive manner.

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