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Targeted TrafficHello and welcome to our blog here at JD Solutions, this is our first blog post of 2018 so we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! And talking of a happy new year we would like to make it the best ever for you and your business by providing you with the very best information and tips to blow your online profile through the roof!

Traffic, Traffic & More Targeted Traffic!

Now if you have been trying to make a living online for any amount of time you will have probably already reached the conclusion that traffic to your website is THE essential ingredient to your success, and when I say traffic I don`t mean any old traffic but targeted traffic that are interested in what you have to offer them.

So we have been beavering away to find a range of new traffic methods that we can unleash in 2018. This is all looking very promising, particularly when it comes to getting visitors to WordPress sites. It is early days but we will definitely have something for you very soon that will make a massive difference to your website profile if you want to hook up with us, so watch this space.

Blast Your Social Media Into The Stratosphere

Traffic GenerationYou can`t ignore social media of course if you want to make a success of your business, whatever that may be, online. And again we have lots of new methods and tips up our sleeve to help you increase your profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. We have software which is working very well on building a Twitter following and we also have plenty of information available on how to build a big following on Instagram also.

In the next 2 to 3 months we should have all the information and knowledge you will ever need to be a powerful presence on social media.

A Business App Designed For You

One of our most exciting new developments here at JD Solutions is the creation of a business App. These Apps will be suitable for any type of business, they will have an ecommerce platform if required, you will be able to send out notifications to all the people who download the App, which will by the way will be free to download for the end user, and they will be automatically added to the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The business Apps can come in a range of colours and templates, and they have all manner of features that you can add to them. As people spend so much of their time on their mobile, having someone have your business App on theirs can be a fantastic promotional tool for your business or organisation.

A Range Of Online Services

We will be providing an even greater range of online services this year, with the 3 services above, more website traffic, social media marketing and business App creation taking centre stage. We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level in 2018.

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