WebFire 3.0 A Sure Fire Winner For SEO Services

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Blackburn Marketing Tips. I apologise as it has been a while since I last posted but in a way that has been good because I have been so busy with clients! However I have made some time to start posting on more of a regular basis both here and on my Social Media accounts.

Webfire SEO Services

Today I want to talk about a service I have just purchased called WebFire 3.0 and I have to say after having this platform to use for the last few days it is without doubt THE BEST purchase I have ever made when it comes to SEO.

Hats off to the creators of Webfire 3.0 as they have built a fantastic service which provides real value and best of all I can pass on all this extra information and tools to use them for my clients websites.

How WebFire 3.0 Helps With SEO

Now here are a few of the things that this service provides me:

  • It helps me to choose keyword terms for my clients that will get them lots of website visitors.
  • It analyses websites for certain keyword terms and tells you what needs improving and how to do this.
  • It offers lead generation opportunities through blogs, forums and social media.
  • It helps me to submit a website to all the search engines.
  • It has a tool to create information for adding Schema Markup to a website.
  • It also helps create a Sitemap.
  • It gives a rundown of a websites technical performance.

SEO Expertise

It actually does so much more but these are the key points I think. This will certainly take my SEO expertise up to a whole new level and I am very excited at the forthcoming results.

If you need help in gaining a strong online presence please give me a call on 07934 604 217 and I will be glad to assist you with my SEO services.

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