Website Revamp And Update On Our SEO Services

Hello and welcome to another blog post from JD Solutions. I just wanted to give you an update on where we are now as a service, what we can do for you and the changes we have recently made.

As you can see we have given our website a complete overhaul, we have changed the template, the style and a great deal of the written content also. I hope you like the look of the site, we decided to give it a cleaner, more user friendly appearance, and basically cut to the chase and tell you exactly what our services are and what we can do for you.

SEO Services

We are now concentrating more and more on our SEO services rather than website design, although we can still create a website for you if required, as we have seen a growing need for SEO from our clients. In fact I like to use the term online marketing for businesses rather than SEO services as search engine optimisation is only one part of our service.

Lead Generation

We develop businesses overall online profile and that includes everything from their website, their Google Business Listing, their Social Media profile and more. We have the skills and knowledge to evaluate quickly how your profile could be quickly improved online, and we know exactly how to go about this. We can also help with lead generation, so if you are struggling to get new leads for your business we are here to help.

As you are probably aware Google change their algorithm every couple of months or so, and this means you always have to be ahead of the game, learning new techniques and making sure you keep the Big G happy! One thing Google loves is an active online profile, so if you are constantly adding new articles to your website blog, sharing updates on your Social Media profiles and Google Business Page, and connecting and engaging with people and other businesses, this will certainly give you a lot of Google brownie points.

So if you are having problems promoting yourself online, or you have no idea why your website is only getting a dribble of visitors to your website, or you don`t know why people are not engaging with you on the Social Media platforms, then we are here to help you. Just give me, Des, a ring in the first instance on 07934 604 217 and I will be glad to be of assistance.

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