Why Schema Markup Is Essential For Your Website

You may have heard of a strange phrase recently by the name of Schema Markup and wondered what odd techno gobbledygook was this?! The fact is that Schema Markup is reasonably straightforward once you get to grips with it and it is essential for your website to have this.

Structured Data

What Is Schema Markup

To put in its simplest terms Schema Markup is structured data in code form which when positioned on your website means that Google (other search engines are available) can read your site easily and understand where to place it both for local and more general terms.

Google is setting a great deal of store by this piece of code which obviously means that we have to also. If you don`t have this on your website and your nearest competitors do then Google are likely to be ranking your rivals sites higher than your own which is the last thing you want. So having Schema Markup on your website along with a Sitemap will keep the search engines happy and lead to a more visible presence for your site.

How To Add Schema Markup

There are various methods to adding this structured data to your site. There are various plugins you can use, you just have to fill in all the relevant information about your site and create the code for your website.

I have access to a great piece of software where I can just fill in a few details about a website within the software and it will create the code for me to add to the site, nice and simple and very effective indeed.

I hope the above information has been of interest to you and encouraged you to ensure your website has Schema Markup on it, but if you want help with adding this structured data please get in touch with me on 07934 604 217 and I will be glad to assist you.

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